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Horkestar - news archive


July 4th, 2009

Please be so kind and see us at these events:

July 6th - INĐIJA, City square, festival KROKODIL 9pm. The same festival where we had a gig a month ago.

July 12th. - STATE OF EXIT - Novi Sad, SUBA stage, 9pm. The same place where we play for years.

New address

February 20th, 2009

As you probably noticed, the domain horkeskart.org.yu doesn't work anymore. Why? Because entities named "Horkeškart" and "Yugoslavia" do not exist anymore (if we were to decide, they would still exist, but we were not to decide).

So, tell everyone, horkestar.org, from now on.

As you see, the website is the same, only the colors are now according to these scarfs that we wear. We promise to have more news from now on.

Morning will change many things

February 6th, 2007

Our song I am Eating Your Plaster from our studio recording I am Eating Your House will soon be released on compilation Morning Will Change Everything?, initiated and assembled by the crew of legendary Pop depression radio show.

Discussion about Rewind live act

January 16th, 2007

Cultural centre REX organized the discussion about work of art. The topic of the discussion was Horkeškart's musical performance Rewind, held on 9 June 2006 in front of the Office of the Chancellor of the University of Belgrade, Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, Patriarchy of Serbian Ortodox Church, the Supreme Court and the government of the Republic of Serbia. The initiators and participants held a presentation of this work, after which a discussion about its production, performance and the possibilities of an analysis and interpretation followed.

Discussions about works of art were launched in 2002 as a contemporary art discussion "site". In the first two years of its existence, this series of discussions about topical works of art created by artists from Serbia and the region brought together around thirty regular and the same number of occasional participants. The event consists of a presentation of a work of art carried out by the authors themselves followed by a discussion on the issues related to producing, exhibiting, analysing and interpreting works etc. The initiative to organize such discussions was launched with the aim of satisfying the need for a direct public exchange of opinions on the contemporary artistic scene.

Organized by: Nebojša Milikić and Milica Tomić

New name

January 11th, 2007

As requested by it's founders from Škart group, the Collective of the choir and orchestra formerly known as Horkeškart have chosen a new name: Horkestar. Now it means just: choir and orchestra (no more škart).

Here you can see suggestions for our new name received from visitors of our website.

Happy birthday!

December 25th, 2006.

The Collective of the choir and orchestra formerly known as Horkeškart wishes you a happy birthday. May all your nice wishes come true, for example to go to the seaside, like we did last spring.

Welcome New Recruits

December 12th, 2006.

Over the past few months there have been many of you who wanted to join us.

Since the day of our foundation we have been open for everyone, in other words, there haven't been any kind of audition. You just come and sing. After a while, you either get bored and leave, or you decide that you like it, and stay.

However, for practical reasons, we have decided that new members should not be accepted all the time, but during certain periods, just like in football, where you have transaction deadlines.

The moment has come. Here we are, there you are - so, join us. Write a few words about yourself and send it on our contact e-mail adress and soon afterwards, we shall send you an invitation. Knowledge of Serbian is recommended but not required. We would be delighted to have somebody named James, Friedrich, Tornvald etc. Actually, we have translators for all major languages, and our lyrics are in Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Macedonian, English, German, French, Italian, and even Korean. We are also planning to have songs in HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, C#, Cobol, and Fortran.

Bon voyage

November 6th 2006.

It has been more than a week, so it is about time we let you know:

After six years of managing this music and performing collective, Škart group, the founder of Horkeškart, has decided to retire and leave it to self-organization. As one of Škart's members has explained, Horkeškart is "like a rocket heading to the stars - it's boosters helped it launch but they are not needed anymore - a capsule or a space shuttle now continues on its own."

Škart group was founded in the early nineties. It's work is socially engaged and expressed through visual media, and especially through graphic design. The group is well known around the world by it's poetic and
graphic collection "Sadness", it's survival coupons, the action "Your shit - your responsibility", "The Cooks" project and many other works. Horkeškart was their most significant collective project.

Horkeškart goes on, soon with a new name and probably many other innovations as well.

Our Questions (written by Skart some time ago) are now current again. Others have manifestos, statutes, declarations, we have Questions. It is one of the things that makes us different.

Stay with us.

Japanese release

October 17th 2006.

Our live recording from Schloss Solitude Academy near Stuttgart 2005 has been released by Japanese label Amorfon, known for it's daring and exploring approach.

Amorfon label is already known in Serbia. Two years ago they released Osecev sjaj, an album of Cinc, the band whose all four members sing in Horkeskart too.

"I'm Eating Your Plaster" - premiere

Our video for I'm Eating Your Plaster is finished.

Web premiere was on Popboks website, Oct 16th.

We recorded it in June inside ruins of Pocket Cultural Centre, and in the yard of our photographer Branka Nađ's house, will have it's. Video was edited by Marko Rajić. We used lyrics by Jovan Ružić from Achtung-Dichtung and music by belgrade composer Jovana Backović. Here you got photos.

Back from Niš

We had a gig in Niš City during their Night of Museums festivity on September 23th, in Gallery of contemporary art and in the City fortress. One of visitors told this to our announcer Đorđe:

Đole, what kind of music is this?

Back from Slovakia

Our tour around Slovakia is finished, thanks to cultural centre Stanica which organized it. Photo, audio and video coming soon.

On September 10th we played for cheerful audience in Turany.

Our football team led by Radivoje Rašković, our bass player, was defeated in a match with local football team the morning after.

On September 11th we played for an aniversary of Stranavy municipality.

On September 12th we had a great concert in Stanica (Žilina City). It is one of most significant cultural centres in Slovakia.

On September 14th we played on main square in Košice.

The tour was finished on our own playground, with performance on September 10th at Tašmajdan stadion in Belgrade (here is a review on Popboks web-portal).

At last, we were singing our anthem of architecture and played within ceremony of presenting freshmen with matriculation cards at Faculty of Architecture, on September 18th.

Young lions are back

On August 25th we had a concert on Dvorni Trg in Ljubljana, Slovenia, as a part of Mladi levi (Young Lions) festival, organized by Bunker.

On August 25th we had a concert in Velenje, Slovenia, as a part of Kunigunda festival.

Photos, audio and video coming soon.

Horkeškart on Exit festival

On last day of Exit festival in Novi Sad (July 9th 2006), we took part in performing "Vexations" by Eric Satie. Performing of this famous composition lasts for 15 hours, until both the audience and performers lose their nerves. This time, performance of "Vexations" took place from 6pm on 9th of July till 9am next day on Agora stage. Performance of Horkeskart was quite different from all of it's performances so far. (more about "Vexations" itself).


June 9th 2006.

In cooperation with Rex, we performed our Rewind! act in front of several Serbian government institutions which are more harmful then useful to people at this point.