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...could a choir be self-organized outside schools, churches and cultural artistic associations?

...could a choir gather even people with bad ear?

...could a choir be also critical apart from occasional?

...could a choir anull the hierarchic-professional classification and produce by itself conductors and composers?

...could a choir finance itself?

...could a choir re-establish the Utopian processes of the “new form of collective”?

...could the chorus music openly cherish different heritage of the pop culture, ranging from recital to chanson, from hard-core to…?

...could a choir also be engaged in (self)education and various forms of social activism?

...could a choir be engaged in development of political awereness by breaking civil prejudices?

...could a choir be engaged in breaking of political prejudices by developing civil spirit consciousness?

...could a choir exceed implied belonging to the music art scene and conduct a visual and stage experiment?

...could a choir make performance even outside the academic space?

...could a choir skip local cultural-passive rules and become recognized internationally?


July 4th, 2009

Please be so kind and see us at these events:

July 6th - INĐIJA, City square, festival KROKODIL 9pm. The same festival where we had a gig a month ago.

July 12th. - STATE OF EXIT - Novi Sad, SUBA stage, 9pm. The same place where we play for years.

New address

February 20th, 2009

As you probably noticed, the domain horkeskart.org.yu doesn't work anymore. Why? Because entities named "Horkeškart" and "Yugoslavia" do not exist anymore (if we were to decide, they would still exist, but we were not to decide).

So, tell everyone, horkestar.org, from now on.

As you see, the website is the same, only the colors are now according to these scarfs that we wear. We promise to have more news from now on.

Morning will change many things

February 6th, 2007

Our song I am Eating Your Plaster from our studio recording I am Eating Your House will soon be released on compilation Morning Will Change Everything?, initiated and assembled by the crew of legendary Pop depression radio show.

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