Sajt izgradilo Breve

Horkestar - lyrics

Blue River

by Bosnian poet Mak Dizdar
English translation by Darja Bekan

Nobody knows
Where it is
Little we know
But it’s known

Beyond the mount
Beyond the valley
Beyond seven, beyond eight
And elsewhere,
And crazier,
Through mortal,
Through bitter
Through haw thorn,
Through thorn bush,
Through heat,
Through restraint,
Through suspicion,
Through doubt,
Beyond nine, beyond ten.

Even deeper,
even stronger,
beyond silence,
beyond darkness.
Where roosters
never crow.
Where horn
Can’t be heard.
And elsewhere,
And crazier,
Beyond the reason,
beyond God.

There’s one Blue river.
It’s wide.
It’s deep.
It’s hundred years
Wide and
thousand years deep it is.
Don’t even dream
About its length.
That’s murk and darkness
Full of grieving.

There is one Blue river.

There is one Blue river.

We should cross that river.